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DL(-TC) vs RID(-EOL) (and EoC)

Posted by IVIyrrdin on August 1, 2016 at 6:20 PM

Around 20:40, Central European Time, DL was looking for a raid with a Ruby clan in Emerald Room 3 and 4. Dragon, the leader of RID, was interested in a raid, and so was Pica of EOL. While Dragon was collecting his members in Room 289, DL was collecting theirs in Room 31, meanwhile EoC and EOL went to Room 289 to watch the coming raid.

When DL invaded the room with 7 members of their own, and one unknown Turkish visitor who tagged along, the only 3 active RID where quickly overwhelmed and one of them died really fast, to even this out EoC's leader Rolo decided to help out on RID's side. EoC's help resulted in a score of 11-7 for RID.

Later RID gained more numbers and EoC turned neutral, during the raid more Turks showed up to help on DL's side. Eventually it was 7 DL, 4 TC/Turks vs 6 RID. This made the scores go up to 17-14 for DL. Then 3 EOL suddenly joined in and the numbers grew in the Ruby's advantage. But not much kills were made and DL kept the upperhand. When two DL-TC went off Rolo decided to help the Emerald-side shortly, this resulted in a faster rise of score: 23-16 for DL, after achieving that score Rolo went neutral again.

At the end of the raid the resulting score was 28-19 for DL-TC.

Wellfought DL, EoC, EOL, RID and TC!

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