Sherwood Clan Catalogue

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Welcome to the Sherwood Clan Catalogue, a website focused on indexing all the active clans, groups and rooms in the game in lists on our website.

We also provide a Raiding News feed and several Clan Top Lists: Top 10 for Emerald and Ruby and a Top 5 Most Active Bases.)

Currently we are looking for Cataloguers (clan searchers) and Raid Reporters! 

Interested in reporting raids or looking for clans with us? 

For Raid Reporters:

- Create a site account and write your first article! (Site members can post images and post News threads)

For Cataloguers: 

- All players can be Cataloguer for the SCC, when you have found a clan that is not yet on our list (or created a new one), ask for and post these details in our Guestbook: the base, website, leader(s) and language.

Old Homepage:

Sherwood Dungeon is more and more becoming like our universe:

You got the local group of big galaxies, packed together, and arround them lots of smaller galaxies, who don't even know there are dozens of other small galaxies like them!

Many players who make clans, and then try to find allies or enemies with equal members , have no success because there are so many rooms.

To make it easier to find other galaxies in the vast Space of Sherwood Dungeon, we will be collecting clans on this list.

If you want to help us with collecting clans, please sign up on our Guestbook.

Our Team

Creator: IVIyrrdin

Cataloguer: SirJayko

Raid Reporters: )Santis(, Rolo, Paroxysm

Want to become part of our team? Create an account and sent a private message to IVIyrrdin!


1.5 2th Augustus 2016: Updated Homepage.

1.4 14th July 2016: Added a list of Top 10 Clans.

1.3 26th Augustus 2015 added a blog.

1.2 May 17th 2015: Lists of Groups and Rooms are merged. 

1.1  November 25th 2014: separate webpages had been added to enlist Groups and Rooms.

1.0 On September 8th 2014 the SCC Website launched and the group started looking for clans.

Logos from clans and groups (Your logo not present? Post a link to the image on our Geustbook!)