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Reply GodOfWar22
1:10 PM on July 2, 2017 
New game based on real life political, economy and military structure. You, as a player, have the chance to compare your skills of economic, strategic and diplomacy thinking, defending and building your own homeland in vast community of over 78 countries and thousands of players.

Register here:
Reply VDtt))HK aka Fr
3:17 AM on March 24, 2017 
Hey IVIyrrdin And the team of Clan Catalogue !
It's Vendetta ! A Knight and one of the member of council of HK (Heir's of Knighthood) The clan m here to discuss about. HK , Heir's of Knighthood
Room /Join83 , Emrald Server
Colour : Black/Gold
And our Website :
Where all the rest information has been given about our soul HK.
Thank You Team.

Reply XxTitaniumPTxX
4:42 AM on December 23, 2016 
Im in a clan TQA
Reply XxTitaniumPTxX
4:25 AM on December 23, 2016 
Write i joined the Clan TQA
Reply XxTitaniumPTxX
4:19 AM on December 23, 2016 
hi im a guy and i play sherwood XD
Reply Paroxysm
8:34 AM on July 18, 2016 
17th July 2016 (yesterday)
AIR vs TIW - 6-1 for AIR and TIW had more numbers.
Reply SnItChBlAsTa
2:36 PM on July 15, 2016 
Reply Chrissu
1:08 PM on June 8, 2016 
Pleas add WoU- Warriors of the universe in to list.
Our clan founder and leader is Chrissu and commanders are CarolNW and Vice- commander is LauraAckerman.
Our site you find here but there peoples will create account for membership.
Reply Pyros)AoF
3:34 PM on May 24, 2016 *Will have better site soon
Can consider it as a clan.
Base: room74
Leaders: Pyros & Fang
Reply EXEM
6:00 AM on May 6, 2016 
Add TBC to the clan list, TBC = The Best Clan

Founders: Soulfly, Kjellig, Exem, PrepareYourAnus

TBC is active and raids daily
Reply IVIyrrdin
1:55 PM on April 21, 2016 
@BE, your group has been added to the "List of Groups and Rooms" page.

@EightGates, I heard TNC is dead again :/

News update:
From now everyone can post their images on the "Clan Photo's" page.
Feel free to post your pictures in your own album :D
Reply BE
6:31 PM on April 12, 2016 is )()()('s site.
You can find all the information you need about it there.
Reply EightGates
10:59 AM on April 10, 2016 
I guess you can count TNC back.Eight Gates ( Former Co-Founder of TNC )has refounded the clan and plans for it to be stronger than ever
Reply IVIyrrdin
9:34 AM on April 5, 2016 
Welcome back Dark Warriors!

It is great to hear that DW has returned, I think DW can make a lot of momentum. There are currently a lot of clanless English speaking people on SWD.
Should DW recruit a lot, you will find the members you need to become a strong clan in a short time.
Reply StunT-BoY
8:40 AM on April 5, 2016 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply wolfslady
10:33 AM on March 23, 2016 
Thanks , BraveHeart xD
Reply king-two
6:23 AM on March 23, 2016 
your welcome |\/|yrrdin :)
Reply IVIyrrdin
11:51 AM on March 18, 2016 
Thank you all for your support!
Reply Denise
3:53 PM on March 15, 2016 
Nice website !
Reply king-two
10:28 AM on March 13, 2016 
HI , I am king-two the former JARLS of TNC . i am writing this message to inform the clancatalogues that one of the top clans TNC is dead because our FDR quited SWD the FDR was dark-duelweider . TNC would return on JULY 2017 .

Reply Dark-duelwieder
4:13 PM on February 18, 2016 
Reply BlackAndYellow(EOC)
7:09 PM on February 17, 2016 
The Second Fdr of EOC is d(RockRock)b
Reply Enter Your Name
6:58 PM on February 14, 2016 
BlackAndYellow(EOC) says...
Can you add my New Clan EOC(EmbersOfChaos) We are new so far we have 16 members, we are allied with both SC AND TNC. So yea We have no enemies so far, Our base is t1 j217
Reply BlackAndYellow(EOC)
6:57 PM on February 14, 2016 
Can you add my New Clan EOC(EmbersOfChaos) We are new so far we have 16 members, we are allied with both SC AND TNC. So yea We have no enemies so far
Reply EightGates
2:12 PM on February 13, 2016 
Small Raid Attempt 6 TNC and 3 SC vs 3/2(3 temporarily and 2 permanently): Outsider and Devine from TK arrived at SCs clanroom. EightGates called TNC due to an overload of TK and AoP members in SCs base we out numbered them largely of at least 10 to 2. The two claimed to have won 4-1 but another player (not part of CF) had said TNC and SC had won by 9 or larger. ---DarkMaster--- had died twice but they had claimed he died 4 times so TNC/SC went along with their claims to win 9-4. Most of TNC/SCs points were from runs from Outsider when he had almost died. The player whom had been fighting with the two was also from TK but EightGates couldn't record the name as they had left after the first 4 points from SC/TNC. All in all an easy win for SC/TNC. From Eight Gates Co-Founder of SC.
Reply shr
3:18 PM on November 8, 2015 
It doesn't work tho... but u can go on facebook and search for Angels of Paradise U will find all screenies and everything else about AoP, ty ^^
Reply shr
3:16 PM on November 8, 2015 
The first link falied so here's the second one which works ^^
Reply shr
3:15 PM on November 8, 2015 
Raid Report
AoP vs HH / Hardcore Heroes
AoP members 7
HH members 6
Started at 4:35
Ended at 5:00

After doing some pvp and having fun in clan room base "JOINAPBASE" with AoP members, I decided to raid a new clan which is growing up fast, so it's HH... we went to their base t1 r196.
Then we went inside HH's castle and started fighting them, we all tried to stay together and so fighting-fighting them by togetherness and defending each other we could kill ALL of them, so we really reached to successfully in that pure fun raid.
But to be honest HH wasn't that easy to kill bcz they know backstepping so well and they didn't run nor trash, it was a very clean raid like old raids, Good fight HH.
So simple and shortly AoP is a victory YaY :D

To see more screnies google that link:

Long Live SCC!!!!!!!!!!!!
Long Live AoP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-shr Founder of AoP
Reply IVIyrrdin
4:28 PM on November 6, 2015 
Thank you, Clan Leaders, for your contributions and posts on this Guestbook!
All Lists have been updated!

Apologies to all visitors for our past inactivity, from now on SCC will be updated weekly!

Also, Sherwood Clan Catalogue is looking for people to join the Clan Catalogue team.
If you are interested in joining this team, please create a Site Account and send me a Private Message.

Creator of the Clan Catalogue
Reply Ň
7:30 PM on November 3, 2015 
LS = Liberty Siding
LDR'S are: BONE,Salaoin,Texaschief.
Room: 78
Reply Surfing
3:41 AM on October 31, 2015 
NDP= Neus Percute Deus, Room 67, FDRs are -Bloodaxe- Agate and Surfing. website is:
Reply FloorXPokkie
11:14 AM on September 28, 2015 
Dutch Lions For The Win!!
Reply StunT-BoY
4:35 AM on September 19, 2015 
DW's Clanroom is DW-Dark-Warriors-DW, and website is
Reply shr
6:32 PM on August 28, 2015 
Hi Guys
I am shr, the Founder of the clan: AoP / Angels of Paradise.
We also have an another Founder, name: Enfys aka Ailwynn
Our site is:
Room: Emerald Server room 71
I was a Co-FDR in TNR, and TNR has used to stay in room 71 but since this clan has been gone like about two years ago... I decided to make a new clan which is called AoP / Angels of Paradise so now we use tlp1 room71.
Thank you!

Reply Arsaalan)(D)(Prince
4:44 AM on August 8, 2015 
Hi Everyone I am FDR of D DEVIL WARRIORS )(D)(DW a new clan in sherwood dungeon pls add us in the list our website is (OR) our base is Arsaalan)(D)(Prince base and we have another base on emerald server TELEPORT 1 , ROOM 90
thank you every one... :)
Reply IVIyrrdin
5:29 PM on May 25, 2015 
Hi Jupe,

The new clanlist was published an half hour after your comment in the Guestbook, so you probably saw the old clalist.
A lot of clans have been removed from the list, new ones have been added and missing information has been added.

Apologies, I will remove the KS Weebly site.
Reply Jupe
4:34 PM on May 25, 2015 
Outdated clan list + KS never used weebly
Reply IVIyrrdin
12:00 PM on May 24, 2015 
Thank you Cleber, the information has been added to your clan.

@Conduct Admin, I will add your site to the Links.

@Vuvuzela, I have checked the rooms and the site, but those clans don't seem to be very active..?
Reply The-Cleber
5:11 PM on May 22, 2015 
SMG=Soldiers Masters Gladiators
Join 120
Reply The-Cleber
4:28 PM on May 18, 2015 
Hi I am Cleber FDR SMG clan, join our teleport is 1join 120
Reply Conduct-Admin
5:52 AM on February 3, 2015 
Best clancataloguer,
I' am the Admin of the remake of Code Of Conduct.
I want to ask you to place this in your list of other rooms.
Our organisation is in Teleport1 Join10,

We are always ready to clans, people and groups etc ...
to help.

I have the link of this site placed on my site.
Code Of Conduct site:
Do you want to place this site on your links?

Thanks for your time

Reply Vuvuzela
11:14 AM on January 14, 2015 
GoA clan /teleport1 /join200
ATD clan -/join262
Reply StormShadow-Drake
9:02 AM on January 13, 2015 
Hi there. Very nice site. By the way,i wanted u all to know that EcX is back. Our site is and we been since 2006 in swd. Our room is join 62 and also have 7 custom clanrooms. I wanted the site founder to add Ecx in active clans list and great website. Thank you
Reply IVIyrrdin
5:14 PM on September 30, 2014 

@Gonar, ST Founder has been added, French and Polish room also.

@Zephyros, I added the information about your clan to the list. Do you guys have a website or base?

@BabyxFang, I added Audrey as Founder. Greats you guys won ^^
I changed the Information about BA.

Thanks for visiting ;D

Clan Cataloguer
Reply BabyxFang
6:09 AM on September 30, 2014 
Hey, by the way CTK of the new realm was made by Audrey and I :) Please correct that
Secondly we successfully threw out BA. They CLAIMED room 72, they didn't Get it. They lost all the raids against us in 72, and all the raids against us in any room. The CoFdr of BA has quit,and BA is back to their clan room, if you really wanna show that BA was just getting humiliated and fcked up in room 72 for 2 weeks then I don't mind at all :) Just giving you a lil information.
Reply Zephyros
9:00 PM on September 28, 2014 
BPW is back
Blue Power Warriors
Fdrs/Ldrs: Zephyros & Rascus
Reply Gonar
4:59 AM on September 28, 2014 
Btw nice website
Reply Gonar
4:59 AM on September 28, 2014 
ST founder is SuperKoza room 80 is french and please add Polish room 161.
Reply IVIyrrdin
5:53 PM on September 25, 2014 
Greetings Sagittarius,

Thanks :D
Your clan is added to the list, and I welcome you as a site member ^^
You can post pictures of your clan on the "Clan Photo's" page to get more attention for your clan ^^

I will visit your clan one day, to see how it is going,
Clan Cataloguer
Reply Sagittarius
2:55 PM on September 25, 2014 
Heres the site